Aiden Wallis (Tastes Like Chicken)

  • aiden_sml

From a childhood spent making Hip Hop and RnB mixtapes it wasn’t until the late 90’s that Aiden put his hands to wax, from then on, house music became his staple diet. A two year stint in London under the tutelage of talented friends in the industry solidified his love affair for the mix. These days Aiden’s back in Perth and rockin’ it.

Playing for the last couple of years through Western Sounds, Aiden has had opportunity to play alongside the likes of Mind Electric, and Chiari (Hed Kandi) as well as the regular stable of Western Sounds talent. He can be seen most weekends at The Boheme and also regularly playing at The Cornerstone, The Carine, The Generous Squire or any number of house parties between, eagerly dropping anything from Breaks to Funky vocal house to Hip Hop to Rock thumpers with passion and flair.

Although holding a preference for house music and all things funky, Aiden’s strength is his versatility, so whether you’re looking for a sultry mellow groove, a heavy bangin’ romp, or the familiarity of the latest commercial hits with his own unique twist, he’s up to the task, sharing the journey and making you move.

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