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Hey there, we’re Childs Play. 3 dudes mixing the live sounds of saxophone, trombone and vocals with a range of electronic music. We dabble in the chilled out sounds of hiphop, dub and house to more upbeat vibes in funk, dnb, breaks and anything with energy.

The eclectic mix of our jazz instrumental backgrounds with electronic music has been forging our name in the local scene. We believe this interaction provides a more interesting and interactive experience and has been respected by many who have seen us.

In our short existence of around 6 months we’ve acquired a Saturday night residency at Sail n Anchor in Fremantle and played at plenty of parties and functions around town. We’ve supported and performed along side acts such as Zeke and Grey Ghost, played at various events such as ‘Sic Note’, ‘808’, ‘Hussle Hussle’ and have performed at various venues including Mojos, Newport, Flying Scotsman, and Norfolk Basement.



Check out Childs Play Music’s latest sounds:

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