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Jinx Project….Italian origins but growing up in Australia is one of Perth’s long running Dj’s. He has been mixing it up since he was 12 years old back in 1988 where he started making mock up radio shows and mixes on cassette tapes for friends.

Over his young years he Dj’d at the occasional party playing a mix of Pop, Hip Hop, House and Rave music of the day as well as mixing tunes up for a small B-Boy crew. This hobby seemed to grow and eventually he landed his first regular gig by accident in 1994 playing on a Sunday session at The Boulevard.

From there he went on to many gigs in various other Clubs and Bars as a guest Dj in and around Perth and Northbridge as well as some small Raves. He landed his first permanent residency in 1997 at Excapade Nightclub and has held many more since to always large audiences.

Jinx Project’s style is House, Trance, Electro and Dance music orientated, but also known to play other styles like…Hip Hop, Urban, D’n'B, Indi, Funk and Retro.

Jinx Project got into music production in 1999 and started to make his own edits and remixes of songs, as well as some original tracks.

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