Pasha Hayat

  • Pasha Hayat

Pasha is a brown brother, but from another mother.  He has been playing vinyl for over 15 years. 
Originally, from Melbourne, he started out producing and hosting a graveyard radio show, “Rocksteady” at PBS FM 106.7FM.  He held residencies at Prudence, North Melbourne and The Retreat Hotel, Brunswick. 
In Perth, he has played at Little Creatures Loft, Greenhouse, Boheme and Venn Bar.  He gets your weekend started right every Friday at the Claremont Hotel (5-8pm).  Plays fortnightly at The East End Bar (opening set Saturdays) and at The Wembley Hotel (Sundays, 3-5pm).  He closes out the weekend every Sunday at The Flying Scotsman (7-9pm). 
Pasha plays soul & funk, interspersed with Latin, hip hop and reggae – drawing inspiration from David Holmes and J-Rocc.  Only working with vinyl, his back is stuffed from lugging records to each gig, but he never has to re-boot and the sound is always true.

Demo pt2 by pashafunk

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