Best Wedding Reception Songs

Couple dancing to the best wedding reception songs!

The Best Wedding Reception Songs Are The Most Memorable!

Sometime in the future, you’ll be flicking through your memory bank and thinking about your wedding day. While the formalities of the ceremony will hold plenty of significant moments, it’s the wedding reception that will likely make you smile the most and have the fondest mementos.

From that all important, romantic first dance; to that time when you looked around at a dance floor full of your closest, your wedding party is dependent on a great DJ. And, a selection of the best wedding reception songs!

What Are The Best Wedding Reception Songs?

We asked Michael, our in-house Wedding Guru to come up with a list of recommendations.

Each Wedding Song has a small description of why he think’s the track is worthy of inclusion.

Ok, so – not ALL song the songs here will be your taste. This article is designed to be a guide for when you are planning your wedding playlist.

Some people like things more pop, others like their wedding music to be more rock – and others something in between.

Either way, scroll down to check out our list of classic wedding reception songs – we are sure you’ll get some inspiration!

Perth Wedding DJ - Michael

Perth Wedding DJ – Michael Brittliff is our in-house Wedding Specialist. There is not allot that he does not know about Perth Wedding Entertainment!

Jackson 5 –

Blame it on the Boogie

“Everyone seems to agree, you can’t blame it on the sunshine or the moonlight, let alone the good times!!

One of my favourite ones to play for wedding crowds of all ages, as the whole family will dance together and throw their hands in the air”

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

“A great song for the guys in the crowd.

Even at the most laid back weddings, this will get the b-boys out breakdancing in the middle of the dance floor to the cheers of everyone watching.

A great 90’s classic and perfect wedding reception floor filler!”

Proclaimers – 500 Miles

“You might not be Scottish, but you don’t need to be in order to sing this one with pride!

Make sure the dance floor is sturdy, because once the chorus hits, there will be some severe boot stomping going on.”

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

“This absolute classic still goes down a treat with crowds young and old.

The opening lyrics will have the entire room singing, and by the end of the song, there won’t be many people sitting or standing still.”

Los Del Rio – Macarena

“Some people hate it, some people love it.

Either way, there will be a full dance floor trying to remember the dance moves every time this gets played at a wedding”.

The Grease Megamix

“Probably my all time favourite song to drop at a wedding.

If you choose the right moment of the night, and with the right crowd, you can get the entire room up with this retro classic, singing the words with total abandon.

Just make sure you are either singing loudly or blocking your ears when the last “Those suuuuummer…… NIIIIIIIIIIGHTS!” comes on”

Beyonce – Crazy In Love

“When the night is getting late and the parents are starting to grab their coffee’s, it’s time to start busting out the bangers!

This song is almost guaranteed to get any younger crowd shaking their stuff and have all the girls singing at the top of their lungs”.

Bill Medley – Time of my Life

“One of the best wedding reception songs to play at the end of the night.

I have lost count of how many couples have attempted to recreate the moves from Dirty Dancing when this comes on!

Please make sure you have adequate room before attempting to lift your dance partner into the air!”

Kenny Loggins – Footloose

“Possibly the most 80’s song ever.

There is an infectious nature to this song, and I have seen wallflowers not able to control themselves and get up to this classic”.

Uptown Funk  – Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars

“One of the funkiest songs to come out in a lifetime, this track will get almost the entire room grooving to the beat.

Young and old love singing along to this banger.”

Pitbull – Give Me Everything

“An amazing sing-along track, with a ridiculous amount of energy.

The room will be belting out the chorus, only to lose their minds about 10 seconds later with the huge beats. A proper dance-floor destroyer!”

Usher – Yeah

“This one will even get granny on the dance floor trying to drop it like it’s hot 🙂

This track has massive appeal. And, an infectious groove that will make the girls scream every time when they hear those first few beats.”

Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

“Want to get the whole crowd at a wedding up and dancing to some modern tunes?  Start it off with this classic track 🙂

Every time I play this track at weddings, you will see people from the dance floor go and get the wallflowers and anyone else they can grab to join them for a big sing along.”

Outkast – Hey Ya

“What is there to be said?

‘Hey Ya’ will probably be getting dropped by a Perth Wedding DJ on dance floors for the next hundred years, and rightfully so!

An absolute banger from start to finish. And, one that will always get the girls shaking it like a polaroid picture!

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