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For some, the phrase Corporate Event Entertainment can be a little confusing. This is because the term is broadly used to describe a performer that entertains guests at a formal event. Such an event may be hosted by a Private, Public or Not For Profit organisation.

As with any performer, the role of a Corporate Entertainer is to breathe life into the event; creating an ambience where attendees can relax and network with peers.

While that simple description could apply to any wedding, function or party, the key distinction here is the significance and setting of the occasion.

Additionally, as it is likely that stakeholders from other organisations will be attending, the hosts will want to leave a great impression. Therefore, the mood, style and personal grooming of the entertainer will need to reflect an air of corporate professionalism.

Corporate, Government & Not For Profit organisations will host events throughout the year and for multiple reasons, such as:

  • Staff reward or awards events;
  • End of year / Christmas Parties;
  • Team/relationship building uses;
  • Fundraising/awareness campaigns;

As you can see from the above points, such important events are distinct from other function styles (e.g. Wedding Reception, Birthdays etc) or occasions where you would have the need to book Corporate Event Entertainment.

Generally, the situation is more formal, perhaps a little subdued and will have a specific purpose. Often, there will be more than 100 guests in attendance. And, the Hosting Organisation’s reputation will be an important priority.

Corporate Event Entertainment Types.

Corporate Entertainment Booking Agents will typically offer various artists, ranging from Live Bands, Corporate DJ s, Magicians, Acrobats, Choirs and Stage Performances.

Depending on the needs of your function, you may want to book one or a few different types of entertainers to delight and impress your guests.

Many event managers will seek the service of a Corporate DJ. This is because a DJ is inexpensive, will have a wide musical repertoire, can double as the MC, is unlikely to take a break and, will often add a touch of ‘cool’ to the event.

Corporate DJ Entertainment.

DJs come in all musical styles and most, if not all are very flexible in relation to entertaining at your special occasion.

Considering such flexibility, it is important that you get clear about your needs and of those attending.

To help, we have prepared a short list of things to consider during your search for the perfect Corporate Event Entertainment:

Brand Image and reputation of the Event Host / Host Organisation

If you are organising the Corporate Event Entertainment for an upcoming function, it is a good idea to consider the image you want to portray. What ‘feel’ do you want to create? Is it a match for your organisation’s brand, style and ethos?

Purpose of the Event

In connection to the previous point, what are you holding the Corporate Party for? As a get-together or an achievement celebration? Brand Awareness opportunity or Product Launch ? Perhaps you are hosting a Fund Raiser? When thinking of the guests you are inviting, what type of entertainment would enhance or strengthen your relationship?

Mood of the Event

Now that the image and purpose has been clarified, perhaps it’s time to think about the mood of the event. Would you want your event to be fun and more on the casual side? Or is the event to be more of a formal & serious affair? Would you like it to be a celebration, or you prefer it to be an elegant gathering with lots of speeches?

Consider The Crowd’s Preferences & Ask Your DJ For Help!

After entertaining at hundreds of formal and corporate events, we know that at times it can be a real challenge to keep everybody happy.

In your case, The CEO may prefer Oldies & Party Classics. The GM might have a preference for 90’s techno and the others may just want top 40 all night long!

So, how do you ensure the event is pleasantly memorable and people feel connected?

The key here is to find a middle ground where the majority will be happy. No, we are not saying that every preferences should be considered. We are saying to lean heavily on the experience of your Corporate Entertainer / agency you choose to work with. They will be a huge help during preparation – just ask!

Corporate DJ / Entertainer’s Reputation

Just as in your private and professional life, you will be keen to be associated with others that have great reputations.

With that in mind, it is important that you book an Entertainer with a squeaky clean image and references to match. This is because they will be compared to, or connected to some extent to your organisation’s image; so consider carefully!

What else to look for in a Corporate Entertainer.

Corporate events and other significant functions may have different styles, but the end goal is basically the same: Create an awesome ambience, where attendees can have a great time and remember the occasion with fondness!

Here’s two other key recommendations to consider:

As we pointed out before, look for a Corporate DJ who has a good reputation, is credible and well prepared.

For example, a Western Sounds DJ for Hire will have worked with you in the weeks prior, to prepare an awesome playlist for your event. Plus, the DJ we supply will have professional training and heaps of experience in song transitions to keep the atmosphere smooth. Moreover, your DJ will know how to read the crowd and have plenty of great customer reviews!

The three ‘P’s: Personality, Professionalism and Presentation.

We have mentioned this before, and it bears mentioning again. Your event is important and you’ll want to make sure your entertainer has the kind of personality that everybody warms to!

In relation to presentation, while it may be appropriate for a party, pub or club, do you want your DJ to perform in a pair of Sneakers, Jeans and a T-shirt? No, I didn’t think so…

And finally, professionalism. This will encompass reliability, competence and maintaining poise.

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