Cost Of A Wedding DJ

Cost of a wedding DJ - is in many things

Cost Of A Wedding DJ

At this stage of your wedding plans, you are probably wanting to know the cost of a Perth Wedding DJ.

As you will find during your search, there is a wide variation in the price of a Wedding Entertainer to engage with your guests and create a truly memorable event.

To give you a ‘ballpark estimate’, expect to receive quotes anywhere between $500, for a ‘cheap DJ’ and around $1,500 for a professional.

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Why the wide variation in the price of a Wedding DJ?

Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. This is because each couple is unique.  Therefore, each wedding celebration has its own unique wedding entertainment needs!

Would you rather an amateur or a seasoned professional for your wedding entertainment? We ask because a great Wedding DJ has spent literally hundreds of hours practicing his or her craft. However, a novice has not.

Oh, and there’s a whole heap of other things that separate a great Wedding DJ from a not so great one…

To help out, we’ve created a breakdown of what the average wedding DJ’s overheads are, as well as the actual time involved.

In the following article, we’ll examine a typical 4 – 6hr wedding and what goes into making your special day, well… special!

So…Welcome to this objective look at one of the most important factors to the success of your big day!

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is as applicable to the world of a Perth Wedding DJ as to any important item you’re likely to buy.

Of course, money does not grow on trees and it is important to stay within budget! However, a good question to ask is…

What’s the difference between price and value?

The Common Financial Overheads For A Wedding DJ

Look, it is an expensive thing to be a Wedding DJ, or any kind or professional DJ for that matter! Here’s a pretty standard breakdown of what a Perth Wedding DJ will shell out to look, sound and perform at his or her best.

  • A reliable laptop is often at the heart of a Wedding DJ’s music library and will typically cost around $2000;
  • A pair of professional quality Headphones will set the DJ back around $500;
  • A quality DJ mixer will start at around $2500, with CD players costing around $3000 each (you’ll need two, yeah?).
Wedding DJ Equipment
  • An often forgotten cost of a wedding DJ can be found in protective road cases. Typically costing around $300 each – just for a box!;
  • Moving over to the speakers and stands. Anything that sounds good, is robust and looks elegant for a special event such as a wedding will start at around $1000 each. You’ll need at least two of these for your wedding; and NO a pair of cheap Behringer’s will not do the trick.
  • Microphones, while they may look small and insignificant, will set the DJ back around $500. Even a basic lighting rig will cost around $1000.
  • Then, the cables to hook the whole system up, around $300.

While not an exhaustive list, the above ‘fixed’ costs of around $9,000 to $11,000 will certainly have an impact on the cost of a wedding DJ.

Please note: Any reliable solo DJ or reputable DJ company will also have backup equipment not listed here; and as such, will likely double the overall equipment outlay.

Cost Of A Wedding DJ: The Intangible stuff

Only a small proportion of your wedding entertainment will be spent on the actual performance. The lion’s share will be attributed to the consultation and preparation with you, the client.

For example:

  • Around 45 minutes to an hour will be spent with you and your partner to get an understanding of the structure of the event. This will include an indication of who will be in attendance. Also, an overview of the running of the night and a glimpse of what musical styles you’ll be wanting. Plus, you’ll discuss the MC duties required by the Wedding DJ – if at all.
Cost of a wedding DJ in equipment
  • Approximately four to five weeks from the big day, your Wedding DJ coordinator will again meet up with you. This time you and your partner will go over the finer details of your wedding entertainment plans.

Most of the time, this final consultation will take around an hour, maybe, an hour and a half.

  • Between these consultations and the big day, around a dozen emails and phone calls will have been made. This is to ensure the smooth running of the event and that expectations are met for your wedding entertainment.
  • Outside your one-on-one consultations, your Wedding DJ will spend several hours collating the music selection. Also a final review of the event structure along with and taking note of the key introductions and communications throughout.

The more ‘tangible’ things that make up the cost of a Wedding DJ

In the process of entertaining you and your guests at your wedding, a typical Perth Wedding DJ will spend plenty of time doing the following:

  • Testing the DJ equipment and loading it, a few hours before commencement. This process will take around an hour to complete.
  • Traveling to the function centre, often at least a half an hour away from the office.
  • Once at the function centre, The Wedding DJ will meet with the function manager and review the reception plans. Plus, there is the actual setup of equipment.

This process will likely take two hours, including time to get dressed, well presented and mentally prepared.

  • Testing the DJ equipment and loading it, a few hours before commencement. This process will take around an hour to complete.
  • Once set up, the Wedding DJ will perform for the duration of the reception, often with limited to no breaks during the event; which usually runs for 6 hours.
  • After the bride and groom have headed off in married bliss, the last of the guests have gone, the DJ will pack up all the equipment and drive back to the warehouse, unload and head home.

When all is said and done, this more ‘tangible’ side of the entertainment will take around 12 hours. This is in addition to the consultation & preparation we spoke of earlier.

Are you starting to understand the reasoning behind the cost of a Wedding DJ now?

We love to dance

In closing

In this article, we have not discussed the other costs associated with running a DJ business. Such costs will include insurance, marketing & advertising, administration, clothing, vehicle registrations and general maintenance. These fixed overheads will also impact the cost of a Wedding DJ.

While some DJ’s like to charge more or add on an inflated markup, because it is a wedding, Western Sounds does not. Our pricing is reflective of the real ‘costs’, with only a small margin applied, to keep the business profitable.

Depending on who you speak to, the average Australian Bride & Groom will spend $1,400 on flower arrangements around $8,000 on catering and $12,000 for the actual venue.

For someone who is fundamental to the success of your Wedding Reception, what do you think is a fair cost for a Wedding DJ?

Plenty of cheap wedding DJ’s can be found, but will they create amazing moments and lifelong memories?

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