Western Sounds DJ Hire Terms & Conditions.

Details and Terms of the Entertainment Agreement may not be altered, in any way, without the consent of Western Sounds. All Terms and Conditions have been negotiated and are written herein. Client has read and agrees to the TERMS and CONDITIONS of this Entertainment Agreement.

1. To secure the services of Western Sounds, a $200 deposit is required. The deposit will become non-refundable within 3 months of the engagement date due to the loss of the booking date for Western Sounds. The remaining balance is payable anytime prior, but due 24 hours prior to the engagement date. Any payment not received by due date may incur a late fee.

Should remaining balance not be received by the Engagement date, Western Sounds reserves the right to cease performance until payment is made. If services are rendered and payment still has not been made, Western Sounds may take legal action to secure payment.

2. In the event Client requires Western Sounds to perform beyond the specified Engagement time, a rate will be organised with the DJ per half hour and will be payable in cash or a rate of $80 will be charged per half an hour by Western Sounds.

3. Client must notify Venue Coordinator to ensure Western Sounds has access up to 2 hours prior to scheduled Engagement Time for setup. A performance area of 2M x 3M (minimum) is required and access to a suitable power point within 10M of the performance area. For outdoor performances, where the weather may turn bad the client must provide overhead shelter for setup area (e.g.. roof/patio, pergola, marquee).

Should weather conditions jeopardise either the DJ or equipment, due to inadequate shelter, performance shall be terminated. Client shall pay the total remaining balance of the length of the performance.

4. Client agrees to provide a meal for one Western Sounds staff member during any catered engagement that operates for longer than four hours.

5. Client agrees to ensure the security of the performance area. Circumstances deemed to present a threat of injury to personnel or property shall warrant the cancellation of performance by Western Sounds.

6. Western Sounds shall not be held liable for any claims of personal injury of property damage arising from the engagement except when caused by an employee/agent of Western Sounds. Client agrees to accept full liability for loss or damage to any property belonging to Western Sounds that is caused by his/her guests, contractors, customers, students, etc.

7. In the event that the client requires Western Sounds to work outside the metropolitan area. Extra costs will be incurred above package rate for travel and in some cases accommodation will need to be organised at client’s expense. Metropolitan area is deemed to be as far as Yanchep to the North, Kalamunda to the East and Mandurah to the South. Anything further will be charged at $35 per/Hr there and back.

8. Upon receipt of deposit, Western Sounds deems this agreement valid and will not accept any other bookings which conflict with date and time of client booking. If Western Sounds upon receiving the deposit cannot source a suitable DJ to operate at your event then Western Sounds will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and a full refund will occur. If Western Sounds is unable to perform upon securing a DJ, then a suitable replacement will be found. If one is not found, all monies, including original deposit will be refunded within five working days.

9. Western Sounds minimum contracts are as follows:
Monday to Thursday – 3hr Minimum Agreement
Friday to Sunday – 4hr Minimum Agreement  

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