The A-Z Guide on finding a great Perth DJ for hire

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What character traits do you think are important in a great Perth DJ For Hire? We spent some time asking this question around the Western Sounds Office and came up with this fun and interesting list!

Perth DJ For Hire – The Things To Look For


While this could seem a no-brainer, it’s really important your Perth DJ For Hire has a ‘can-do’ attitude. There are many things that can go wrong in the lead up to and during the event. You’ll want someone who is cool-headed, positive and willing to turn things around at short notice, without it becoming a problem.


The great Mobile DJ has confidence in their own ability to make musical choices that take the dance floor on a musical journey. Simply playing music off a list, track after track will ‘get the job done’ but will it delight, inspire and make for amazing moments?

Consistent - Perth DJ for Hire


Sure, some gigs are better than others and some nights its just seems as if the DJ God’s are blessing the dance floor.

Other times it can be a real challenge!

Either way, a great Perth DJ For Hire performs to the best of his or her ability, arrives well prepared and full of energy every time…

Dedicated & Diligent:

Any DJ who is a good corporate entertainer, excellent Wedding DJ or all round Party DJ for hire will have practised for literally thousands of hours. Additionally, you can guarantee, the ones that keep getting booked have a deep love for their art that shows in their meticulous preparation.


Ever been to an event where the Party DJ spent most of the night scrolling through his mobile and generally seemed non – plussed to be there? Look, you are spending good money on hiring a function DJ – why not hire one that is on the ball and eager?

Friendly and approachable:

Who wants to deal with a DJ that has an over-inflated ego or appears aloof? Wouldn’t you rather a DJ that is helpful, warm and welcoming towards all the guests at your event?


The author of this A-Z list thought this was the most important thing to look for in a Perth DJ For Hire. All jokes aside, who doesn’t want their wedding DJ to be ‘hip and cool’?


Because people feed off the DJ and his emotions, it’s really important that your DJ is genuinely happy to be there!


When a Corporate DJ For Hire is entertaining a crowd that could be as diverse those attending an 18th through to a 60th birthday party, corporate function or even a high-class wedding; a perceptive and experienced DJ will ‘just know’ the right song to play and when.

Or, maybe it’s a little magic at work?

Intuitive - DJ for Hire


We’re jammin’, we’re jammin’, we’re jammin’, we’re jammin’,
We’re jammin’, we’re jammin’, we’re jammin’, we’re jammin’;
Hope you like jammin’, too.


Despite many arguments in the office, this important DJ For Hire trait does not, in fact, start with the letter ‘N’…

Moving on, your DJ needs to know his music collection like the back of his or her hand, along with the playlist of the event and a wide range of musical styles that will get any crowd cutting up a rug!


What’s a dance floor without an inviting light show? Of course, the music is very important, but whether it be a simple LED rig or an all-out laser extravaganza, the right DJ will suggest the most appropriate lighting pack, along with how to set up safely and operate seamlessly.

DJ for hire - has great manners


The way a DJ treats people will have a direct impact on the overall mood and success of the event.

A pro DJ will behave in a way that has everybody feel warm, welcome and validated.

The rightPerth DJ For Hire will even impress your Grandma!


Any event, whether it be a wedding, corporate function or party; the right DJ will be neat, tidy and well presented. This extends beyond just his or her personal presentation and needs to include all those unsightly audio and lighting cables!


It is inevitable that someone will come up to the DJ during an event and request a song. While some songs requested will be completely inappropriate for the setting, the right DJ for your event will be open-minded enough to at least consider the merit of the request vs. being an off the cuff ‘no’.

In other words, a DJ should always be open-minded and accept requests, but still reserve the right to play it, based on a positive result for the majority of the crowd.

Punctual and well prepared:

Bowling up to a gig and setting up with a few minutes to spare may be ‘on time’; but is it well prepared? The right DJ will always allow for breakdowns, with ample time to let the host know they have arrived with plenty of time to make sure everything is working as intended.


The right DJ will be quick to solve problems as they arise, before during and after the event.

A great DJ will be so quick; the problems are solved before they even happen!

Quick - Perth DJ for Hire


Life happens.

Things come up, flat tyres and breakdowns will occur.

The question is: can you trust your DJ will show up, well prepared and perform as expected at the event – every – time?

Or, in the absolute worst-case scenario… Is there a sound backup plan in place, to make sure the event goes as intended?

Sober and Sociable:

While many DJ’s limit their drinking to one or two during an event, there are just as many who don’t drink at all. Either way, the right DJ will remain a sober and responsible professional at your important event; all the while being at ease, friendly and outgoing.


The right Dj for your event be always thinking about not just the next song, but the next three or four songs to play so as to create the right mood, ambience and excitement.

Additionally, the right DJ will be thinking about the overall ‘sequence’ of the event. What time will Entree’s, Mains and Desert be served? When will the speeches or presentations be undertaken? What time is the dancing scheduled to begin? When is the wrap and final song?

All these things will usually be dependent on a tight 4 – 6-hour schedule and must run like clockwork. More often than not, your DJ will be the driver of the night and must be thinking well ahead of the game.


Crazy things happen at parties. People get a little loose and can be demanding, especially after the 4th or 5th glass of bubbly.

The right Perth DJ For Hire will be composed, calm and able to keep the vibe alive, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

His or her aim will always be to have each and every guest feel really glad they attended your event.

Excellent - Perth mobile dj


The letter V was a challenge for this A to Z guide on picking the right DJ for your event. However, who doesn’t want a DJ that is stylish and elegant?


It takes talent to engage and excite a room full of seated people enough to get up and boogie. Sure, there’s always going to be that ‘guy’ who’ll get up and dance to just about anything; but what about those who may be a little nervous, shy or not so enthusiastic? Sometimes a little ‘magic’ goes a long way!


It’s worth looking the word up in the dictionary!


No, it’s not a spelling error

The term is really appropriate for what you are looking for in the right Perth DJ For Hire; youthful, exuberant and full of vitality.

Zany - Perth DJ for Hire


Depending on your event, your style and what you want to achieve, perhaps the right DJ for you is a little wacky?

Maybe you’d be better matched with a Perth DJ For Hire that is Zestful, Zealous or even zippy?

Either way, the right DJ for you is the one that is able, willing and experienced enough to have your event totally amazing!

Thank you! for taking a few minutes to read our A-Z guide on what we think are the key personality traits that make for outstanding DJ’s.

We at Western Sounds hope you found the guide fun and informative.

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