wedding entertainment

Wedding Entertainment

Can I get away with the cheap option?

Short answer? Yes you could - if you are lucky...

Unfortunately, many of the cheaper options out there don't come with guarantees of reliability, punctuality & presentation. Such guarantees as you know, are vitally important and this is where your luck will play out...

You see, with the wonders of modern technology and such easy access to music these days, it is pretty easy for a DJ to call oneself a Wedding Entertainer.

With a nifty DJ controller, a Spotify® playlist and a cheap set of speakers, you could hire the whole kit, plus “the DJ” for your 4hr wedding, for around $500 bucks. On the other hand, most of the larger and more well established companies with charge around the $1000 dollar mark and you may be wondering why…

Understandably, it would be enticing to go for the cheap DJ option. Because the entertainment for weddings tends to be booked relatively late in the scheme of things, budgets may be starting to look a bit stretched for many couples at that stage.

There’s no doubt that your wedding is an important and significant event. You'll want to get as close to perfect as possible! The question is, do you really need to hire an absolutely amazing Wedding DJ? Or, can you get away with a cheaper option?

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DJ Entertainment For Weddings

Considering the question raised of the cheap or premium option, we put together a list to assist in your planning. Check out the following points and make up your own mind:

  • If you are considering small wedding entertainment ideas, such as casual garden or backyard setting (with less than 50 guests), you may not necessarily need the services of a Perth Wedding DJ. In fact we would suggest investigating a small PA hire Option, such as the one pictured. (Clicking the link will take you to our AV Partner)
  • However, for bigger wedding reception entertainment needs (more than 50 guests) you would do well to have someone else manage the heavy lifting, the details and the stress; allowing you and your fiancé the opportunity to kick back, relax and enjoy the moment. This is where an experienced Wedding DJ will be a total blessing.
  • When it comes to wedding entertainment ideas, a Wedding DJ is not about taking the limelight away from the couple and their guests attending. Rather, it is about having someone to rely on that will direct the proceedings in such a way, that all attending (young and not so young) will have a really great time, throughout the whole event.
mc microphone
  • As this may be your first rodeo, you may not have thought in great detail about the structure of the wedding reception. This is where a Master of Ceremonies (MC) will be a great asset. And, it just so happens that a Professional Wedding DJ will often also be a well-practiced and charismatic MC.
  • The Professional Wedding DJ and MC will do more than just make announcements. He or she will engage with crowd and keep the overall flow of the wedding reception in place. Your Wedding DJ MC will invite people to the dance floor at the appropriate time; make sure your guests are enjoying the event and bring plenty of life to the party.
A professional Wedding DJ and MC will manage the Wedding Reception Entertainment for you; allowing you to relax and enjoy your big day!
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Other Wedding Entertainment Ideas To Consider

Here's a few more points to think about when you are planning wedding ideas to keep guests entertained.

  • A Professional Wedding Entertainer will have a music collection to satisfy just about any musical taste and a deep knowledge of its contents. Additionally, he or she will have years of experience in ‘reading the crowd’ and will fine-tune the music selection on the fly to keep the floor full. When all is said and done, it’s just not worth saving a few hundred dollars on an amateur who will not have the collection or experience to maintain the vibe.
  • While it may be relatively cheap these days to buy entry level DJ Equipment, the fact is, that much of the cheaper stuff is unreliable and tends to sound pretty ordinary, even to the untrained ear. Plus, many amateur DJ’s will not have a solid back up plan in place, if said cheap equipment were to fail.
  • Moreover, with a smaller company or one man band, there’s always a chance he or she will cancel during the lead up to the big day. The question is, why risk the stress of hiring a DJ with equipment that could breakdown, may not have a backup plan or the support of an established company in emergencies?
  • According to various sources, many couples will spend  3 – 5% of the total cost of their budget on a Wedding reception entertainer. Although relatively a small sum, the entertainer you choose will have a relatively large impact on the outcome of your big day; so clearly, it is worthwhile making the right investment.
Over time, the majority of your guests will forget the food, the drinks, the flowers and maybe even the venue, but they will always remember the great time they had on the dance floor!
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More Wedding Reception Entertainment Considerations

Are you starting so see the importance and the reasons behind paying a little more for your Wedding DJ and MC? Here's a few more points to bring to your attention...

  • A premium Wedding DJ will be clean cut, sharply dressed and keen to be seen as a great ambassador for the company they represent. They’ll be sober, friendly, approachable and most of all, committed to you and your guests having the most wonderful time. Will you get that level of assurance from a Gumtree DJ?
  • Often, the entertainment will be booked many months prior to the actual event. The challenge here is that when the wedding does finally come around – your amateur DJ may no longer be available. Worse still, if it is a small outfit they may no longer even be in business!
  • A professional Wedding DJ, backed up by a reputable company won’t let you down. In the unfortunate circumstance where something disastrous does occur, a well established performer/company will always have on hand a suitable replacement. Additionally, they will always respond quickly to your emails and calls, making sure you are kept informed the whole time. This means that you can book without the worry of a no show, plus you will have clear communication, each step of the way.
  • Once you have made the booking and communicated the finer details, your professional DJ for Hire will handle it from there. High quality Wedding Entertainers will spend around 20 hours on the preparation, lead up, during and pack down of your big day. All you’ll need to do from there is get plenty of dancing practice with your Fiancé, so you’ll both look red hot on the dance-floor!
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High quality Wedding Entertainers will spend around 20 hours on the preparation, lead up, during and pack down of your big day...

In Closing

As can be seen in the above points, the key benefits of experience, equipment and reliability is the value you will get when hiring a professional vs. a friend of a friend or an amateur.

While a club or party DJ may have experience entertaining people in a a club atmosphere, a wedding worth remembering is worth having a professional wedding DJ.

Should you choose the professional route, it’s recommended that you have a face-to-face meeting with either the Wedding DJ or the booking manager to get a good idea of whom you will be dealing with. In a coming article, we will examine a few key questions to ask during your initial consultation.

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