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Wedding Dancing:

The Highlight Of Your Special Day.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Wedding Dances. Plus, we’ve added some Wedding Dance song suggestions! 

A Wedding… For many, this is a once in a lifetime experience.

For all you hopeless romantics, the Wedding Reception is a significant moment in time; hosted in honour of the love that two people share. A union between two families, a party where family and friends come together, dance, and be happy.

Depending on your cultural or religious background, your Wedding Reception will probably blend a few different traditions into the one day.

Among those traditions will be the Wedding Dance. And, in the following article, we’ll explore some popular Wedding Dances, including The Bridal Dance, The Father Daughter Dance and The Mother Son Dance.

Read on to get some Wedding Inspiration for the big day!

The First Dance

The Origins of the First Dance.

The First Dance is considered by many to be the highlight of the modern Australian Wedding Reception. One of the key traditional wedding activities, it signifies the newly married couple’s first activity together as husband and wife.

Dating back to the heyday of the European Aristocrats, the First Dance would signal the beginning of a Gala Ball or another special event. In those days, ‘hitting the floor first’, was an honour bestowed upon the VIP’s.

Furthermore, once their First Dance had been completed, the other attendees would join in the fun on the dance floor. Unlike today, most people knew how to dance in a formal fashion. And for many, The Waltz was a popular dance floor filler.

Wedding Dancing in Modern Times.

Our contemporary lives have placed less importance on people knowing how to dance in a formal setting.

As such, many engaged couples will want to take a few wedding dance classes. This is a great opportunity to brush up on their Waltz (and the myriad of other popular formal styles such as Salsa, Swing etc) before the wedding date. And, let’s face it everyone wants to look their best on the big day, so come on fellas, polish those shoes and take your lady dancing!

Best Wedding First Dance Songs 

These days, many of the most popular First Dance songs are around three to five minutes in duration.

Your song choices for wedding dancing will ultimately come down to your personal taste and the ambience you are wanting to create.

BTW, there is no ‘right choice’ when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dance playlist. The music you choose could be a mix of classic ballroom, contemporary, rock wedding songs or anything else your heart desires.

That being said, because there are so many great wedding songs to choose from, you may get a little flustered!

This is where your Wedding DJ will be a great asset in helping you select a playlist that is memorable, romantic and as unique as you are.

Previously, we created a list of popular choices of Wedding Songs for 2018.

However, we feel that you can never get enough ideas! So, here is some more inspiration below…

Traditionally,  towards the end of the First Dance, your Wedding DJ / Wedding MC will invite the parents of the Bride & Groom to join the happy couple on the floor, for the 2nd Wedding Dance.

Sometimes this is where the Father and Daughter Dance may also be used.

The Father and Daughter Wedding Dance

The Origins of the Father Daughter Dance.

Originally, the Father Daughter Dance came before the First Wedding Dance as an extension of the “giving away” tradition.

The father of the bride would dance with his daughter, and midway through the song, he would hand off his daughter to the groom.

Only then will the bride and groom have their First Dance. This “giving-away” symbolized the father’s acceptance of his new son in law.

The Father Daughter Dance in Modern Times.

Today, the traditions of ‘giving away the daughter’ are typically upheld as part of the Wedding Ceremony.

However, for that extra touch of symbolism, the reception may also include this lovely sentiment in the form of dance.

Father Daughter Wedding Songs:

For the ‘Daddy Daughter Dance’, a Wedding DJ would usually play a song that holds special significance for their relationship.

To prepare for this section and the finer details surrounding the Wedding Entertainment, the DJ will typically discuss a few different song ideas with the Bride, during the weeks leading up to the big day.

If the DJ has been asked to choose the playlist of wedding dancing songs, he or she will choose a something that best expresses love and gratitude.

Below is are some of the more popular songs that are used to express the special bond between a father and his precious daughter:

Mother Son Wedding Dance

The History of the Mother Son Wedding Dance 

The Mother Son Wedding Dance has become more popular over the past 20 years or so. However, unlike the Father Daughter Dance this relitively new invention does not originate from the older patriarchal traditions.

This form of wedding entertainment is considered a modern invention, a reflection of the cultural changes towards a more inclusive and equal society, in celebration of mothers and the important part they play.

Wedding Dance Songs for Mother and Son.

And now it’s the groom’s turn to step on the sentimental wedding dance floor!

As with Dad and Daughter, the bond between Mum and her grown boy runs deep. Therefore, to celebrate a mother’s love, your Perth Wedding DJ will often play a special song that both the mother and the groom have fond memories of.

It doesn’t have to be a popular love song, just a song for memories. Below are some ideas for music  that symbolizes the special mother and son connection.

We hope you got some good inspiration and ideas for your big day. Above is insight into only three of the more typical Wedding Dancing activities that take place at an Australian Wedding.

The great thing about a modern wedding is that there are few if any hard and fast rules about ‘how it should be’. The only requirement is that your entertainment is reflective of who you are as a couple. Therefore, you may want to consider: Freestyle Dancing; Group Choreographed Dancing, Bridesmaids or Groomsmen Dances,  and many other fun things to celebrate the big event.

Check back regularly, we’ll be adding more content to provide plenty of Wedding Dancing and general Wedding tips!


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