Wedding Songs

Young Couple Dancing to the sounds of the Wedding DJ

The primary task of a Wedding DJ is to play Wedding Songs in 2017 (or any other year for that matter) that fit the style and personality of those attending a wedding celebration.

While that description is simple, the reality of achieving such a feat is considerably more difficult. Primarily, this is because musical taste is a very personal thing. Lets face it, what I think is a ‘good’ Wedding Reception or Wedding Ceremony song, you may see it as in poor taste! Additionally, as there is such a huge variety of great music, it’s really hard to select a playlist with 80 songs.

What? A playlist of only 80 Weddings Songs?

Well, consider the following. A typical wedding reception takes around 6hrs from the time the guests arrive, till the bride and groom run away together in wedded bliss. Assuming your speeches, cake cutting and other formalities will take up to an hour, this will leave you a balance of 5hrs. Of which, one can only cram 75 songs into (assuming your ‘average’ song runs for 4 minutes)

Ok, so now you may be stuck in a bit of a bind…

While you may have a clear idea of the Wedding Music YOU like, will your guests? While it is your big day and you’ll want things to go how you envisage, surely you’d have to agree that when it comes to a wedding dancing the more people on the floor, the merrier!

Worry not, this is one of the key reasons why you hire a Wedding DJ in the first place –  to help with selecting the perfect tracklist for the perfect day 🙂

Popular Wedding Songs – 2017

To help out with your Wedding DJ Playlist for your Wedding Day, our team has compiled a short list of Popular Wedding Music to to give you some inspiration.

While not an all-inclusive list, it will give you and your partner a little musical direction for what many have found to be the perfect musical accompaniment, to a very important day!

Wedding Songs – The Grand Entrance

Ok, so…

Imagine you are about to enter the reception area.

It has been an emotional day.

There is plenty of love in the air.

You are now a married couple. And, you are about to go and have a great time, relaxing with your friends and family…

How do YOU want to enter the stage?

The following are a few of our more popular song requests in 2017 that just may give you some Wedding Day inspiration!

Wedding Music - Stevie Wonder

Image Source Stevie Wonder, 1989.

Source: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Stevie Wonder – Signed Sealed & Delivered, 1970.

Wow.. what a way to enter the room!

A truly Classic WeddingSong.

This track is funky, with plenty of upbeat energy, that speaks the classic love story… Pretty much guaranteed to set the right mood.

You can listen to the song here

Pink – Raise Your Glass, 2010.

Pink’s high energy tune is a huge hit among many of our couples. It is an awesome way to meet your guests as newlyweds!

Raw, honest and heaps of fun.

Is this the song that you would love to have as your wedding reception entrance song?

You can listen to the song here

Wedding Music - Pink

Pink, 2010. Image Source: Billboard Magazine

Wedding Songs - Black eyed peas

Black Eyed Peas, 2018. Image By Christopher Parsons

Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

Black Eyed Peas – I’ve Gotta Feelin.

A massive hit from 2009, it would be pretty hard to find anyone that hasn’t heard this song.

This popular track builds a great amount of tension… just before you and your partner enter the room!

Heralding the celebration and the Wedding Dancing to come later – this Black eyed peas song is a good example of a reception entrance that everyone will love!

Wedding Songs – The Dinner | Background Music

Now that you and your partner have made a grand entrance, it is fairly common for the MC to invite people to take their seats and let the festivities begin.

Here is where a Wedding DJ will lower the energy just enough to keep the room vibrant, yet also allow for people to hear each other and enjoy the delicious food.

Some of the more usual ‘background dinner music’ requests follow. Depending on what the couple have indicated on the night’s running sheet, most dinner music slot’s will take around an hour or so.

Jack Johnson – Taylor, 2003.

This well known and loved “surfy chill tune” by Jack Johnson is often picked by couples.

The slow melody, accompanied by an upbeat mood is sure to have your guests tapping their toes!

Wedding DJ - Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra, 1962. Image: All Music

Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon, 1964.

Jassy, Classy, Upbeat, but not in your face.

No wonder this classic by the blue-eyed crooner has been such a highly requested background song for Wedding Dining.

You can hear the song via this link

Wedding Songs – Bridal Waltz & Slow Dancing

There is no limit to the number of popular songs that can be used as a backdrop to that all important first dance. And for this reason, it can sometimes be a real challenge for the Bride and Groom to choose!

To help, we suggest choosing music that is  reflective of your taste and personality. Some couples like to turn their waltz into an entertainment event all in itself. Others may choose to keep things a more relaxed and intimate. Either way, there is no right choice, other than doing what feels right!

Generally, it’s considered traditional for the newlyweds to lead the Wedding Dancing with a slower, more romantic style of dancing.

Some of the most requested songs we play for this section of the wedding reception include the following.

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Aloud, 2014.

This song is so romantic, even the author of this blog (a crusty old DJ) shed a tear when listening to this.

Just remember, when choosing your wedding songs, they don’t have to be unique or different. Only romantic and a great expression of who you are as a couple!

Van Morrison – Have I Told You Lately, 1989.

The image is of Van Morrison, just taken 20 or so years earlier!

A song written onto the hearts of many lover’s. Have I told you is one of the Classic Wedding Dancing Songs of all time and a great choice for the more traditional slow dance style.

You can hear the song via this link

Van Morrison, Mid 1960’s

Photo: GEMS/Redferns. Image source: Sound on Sound Magazine

Sixpence None The Richer, 2004.

Image Source: Amazon

Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me, 1997

Jumping 10 years into the future, this song made it all the way to the #1 position on the ARIA Charts.

Given the ballad’s popularity, it is no wonder that many of our couples request this song to be included in their selection of Wedding Dancing Music.

You can hear the song via this link

Wedding Songs – Wedding Dancing | Party Songs

Ok, so the formalities are complete, the newlyweds have been joined on the dancefloor by the bridal troupe and now the rest of the gang are invited by the Wedding DJ or MC to join in the Wedding Dancing!

It’s time to get down and party!

The following songs will give you a few ideas to consider.

Wedding DJ _ Jackson 5

The Jacksons –  Blame it on the Boogie, 1979. 

Image Source

The Proclaimers – 500 miles, 1988.

Image source

Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk, 2017

Image Source

We hope you got plenty of inspiration from this brief list of Wedding Songs.

As we said at the beginning, this is just somewhere to start and is by no means what you “should” be playing at your wedding.

Remember, that an average 6hr wedding reception will allow for approximately 90 – 100 tunes. That’s why we highly recommend getting as much free advice as you can from your DJ, before handing over the ‘perfect’ wedding song list!

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Don’t worry about parlour tricks or high-pressure sales tactics! This is simply a chance to understand what your needs are, go over your ideas and the structure of your big day.

While wedding music lists will be discussed, this is more of an opportunity for you and your fiancé to judge for your self if a Western Sounds Wedding DJ is what you want.

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